Gastric Band in Turkey

Gastric band in Turkey is a surgical procedure that reduces the size of the stomach. It is a common surgery that is suitable for those with a BMI of 35 or more. It can also be performed on people who are suffering from serious health issues associated with obesity. Patients should also be mentally stable and not be addicted to substances. We recommend gastric band surgery.

Gastric Band in Turkey
Gastric Band Turkey - Surgery Details

Gastric Band in Turkey – Surgery and Recovery Details

Gastric Band Surgery in Turkey

The procedure of gastric band in Turkey is an excellent choice for people who wish to lose weight safely and easily. Turkey has a reputation for being an excellent surgical destination, and thousands of people choose to undergo the procedure each year. The reasons for this vary, from the lower cost to the quality of the doctors and clinics.

Turkey offers lower prices than other countries, and gastric band surgeons are highly experienced. In addition to low prices, Turkey offers affordable healthcare packages in major cities. The cost of gastric band surgery in Turkey is also much lower than in the United Kingdom. Patients also have the option to stay in budget-friendly hotels and take advantage of the affordable medical care.

People with a BMI of 35 or higher are often candidates for the procedure. People who have diabetes or other medical conditions associated with obesity are also eligible. The gastric band procedure is most commonly performed in those who are at high risk of developing diseases associated with their obesity. While there are risks involved with the procedure, recent advances in technology have increased the success rate and safety of this procedure.

The laparoscopic procedure used during the procedure is a minimally invasive procedure, which means a faster recovery and fewer complications. The gastric band in Turkey is performed by highly trained obesity surgeons supported by a qualified team. In addition, medical equipment is of international standard. Turkey’s obesity surgery centers are regularly inspected.

Gastric Band in Turkey
Gastric Band in Turkey

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What is Gastric Band Surgery?

A gastric band is a surgical procedure that helps people to lose weight. It works by compressing the lower stomach, which slows down the emptying process and reduces the feeling of hunger. The band does not require rerouting the stomach or staples and can be adjusted to meet the individual needs of a patient.

A gastric band in Turkey is made of a silicone band that is inserted around a portion of the stomach. It can be fitted quickly and easily. The silicone used in gastric band is non-reactive to body tissue, so there is minimal risk of allergic reaction. The band is connected to a small port that is hidden under the skin of the abdomen.

Although a gastric band can help people lose weight, the best way to achieve long-term results is by changing your lifestyle and eating habits. Most patients lose about forty percent of their excess weight in the first year. The weight loss rate decreases slightly after that, but patients can expect to lose another ten to twenty percent of their excess weight by the third year. However, some patients gain weight after the surgery, because their stomach reverts to its normal size.

The gastric band procedure requires the patient to undergo a general anaesthetic. This ensures that the patient is unconscious and pain-free during the operation. The procedure is performed using a laparoscopy technique, which uses small incisions to insert instruments and a camera. This technique helps to avoid the need to cut the patient open and prevents the band from causing damage to the surrounding tissue.

Gastric Band Surgery in Turkey
Gastric Band Turkey - Procedure
Gastric Band Procedure in Turkey
How Does a Gastric Band Work?

How Does a Gastric Band Work?

How does work Gastric Band in Turkey? When a person undergoes the procedure, the surgeon places a plastic band around the upper portion of the stomach. The band is connected to an access port under the skin, which allows the surgeon to adjust it as needed. A small amount of saline is injected into the band, which narrows the exit opening from the small pouch in the stomach. This limits the amount of food that can be eaten at a single sitting. It also reduces the feeling of fullness.

A gastric band is very effective for losing weight, but it does come with a few risks. The band itself is not durable, so there is a chance of complications. Some complications may occur after surgery, such as bleeding or infection. Patients should consult with their doctor before having the procedure performed. In some cases, the band may need to be removed to remove excess fluid. In other cases, the band may need to be adjusted.

A gastric band can cause nausea and vomiting after surgery, but these symptoms will disappear with time. The band can also cause food intolerance, so people may not be able to eat certain foods. For example, they may not be able to eat red meat, which is one of the best sources of dietary iron. This can lead to anemia. Another possible side effect is constipation. After gastric band surgery, patients are encouraged to drink plenty of fluids, but some providers don’t recommend drinking water while eating. This can cause additional complications, including additional surgery.


This stomach reduction due to obesity leaves only a tube-like residue, so that a faster feeling of satiety occurs during meals.


If all classical therapies fail in order to significantly reduce body weight, this surgical method should make weight loss easier for the pathologically overweight and thus, improve the quality of life.


This method serves obese people who need to lose weight quickly. The stomach is replenished and there is little room for food.


With a band on the upper stomach results a minimal pre-stomach. This leads to a feeling of satiety and ultimately to the desired weight loss.


Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass is one of the standard operations in bariatric surgery and one of the most commonly performed procedures in the world.

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The tube stomach is supposed to stop the disease in special diabetes patients. This surgical procedure is usually performed minimally invasively through the abdominal wall.

Gastric Band Weight Loss Turkey
Gastric Band Turkey Costs

Gastric Band Weight Loss Effect

Gastric band is a surgical procedure that helps people lose weight. However, this procedure is not without risks. This is because there are complications that can occur during and after the procedure. The band may slip from its position, causing the pouch to expand and causing problems like reflux and nausea. In rare cases, the band may even erode into the stomach and need to be removed.

To adjust the band, the surgeon will insert a small tube through the skin to inject saline solution into the band. The band is then inflated by the saline solution. After that, adjustments are made to the degree of constriction around the stomach. This will reduce the amount of food a person can consume at one time and will therefore lead to a decreased hunger.

The surgery itself can be performed under general anesthesia in an outpatient clinic. The procedure is a minimally invasive procedure and requires only a few keyhole incisions. A laparoscope is used to help the surgeon perform the surgery, which reduces post-operative pain and risks. The surgery usually lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. Most patients are able to return to normal activities within two to three days of surgery. There is a risk of blood clots, however, so patients should follow the instructions carefully.

The procedure is not recommended for people under 18 years old. In addition, it is not recommended for people who are emotionally unstable, rely on drugs or alcohol, or are emotionally unstable. It is also not recommended for people with underlying medical conditions. A patient’s psychological state should be carefully assessed before the surgery.

The Difference Between Gastric Band and Gastric Sleeve

When considering a bariatric surgery, it’s important to learn about both the gastric band and gastric sleeve to help you make the right decision for your body. Both procedures limit the size of the stomach and are relatively safe. However, there are a few differences between these two procedures. Gastric band surgery involves implanting a silicone band around the upper portion of the stomach, while gastric sleeve surgery involves removing a large portion of the stomach.

The gastric sleeve involves removing a portion of the stomach and leaving a sleeve-shaped pouch. This procedure is more invasive than gastric band surgery, and there are some risks associated with it, including infection, blood clots, and bleeding. In addition to risks, gastric sleeve surgery is not reversible or adjustable. However, it may be suitable for patients who cannot undergo a gastric band, or who wish to have a revision of their gastric band.

The cost of gastric sleeve surgery is higher than that of gastric band surgery, and it requires a longer recovery time. This surgery requires a strict post-operative diet and help with everyday activities for up to six weeks after the operation. However, the benefits of gastric sleeve surgery far outweigh the risks associated with it.

Gastric sleeve surgery involves removal of about 66% of the stomach. 

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Gastric Band Turkey Reviews

Gastric band surgery Turkey Reviews . Gastric band in Turkey is a surgery which reduces the size of the stomach. It is suitable for obese people with a BMI of 35 or higher. It is recommended for people who have serious issues with their weight and are not addicted to drugs or alcohol. It is an excellent option for weight loss and is chosen by thousands of people each year. But before going under the knife, it is important to understand how this procedure works.

Gastric band in Turkey is a relatively inexpensive procedure and the price of it in Turkey is much lower than the cost in the US. In addition, the recovery time is much shorter than that in most bariatric surgeries. Most patients are able to go back to work and their normal activities within two days of surgery. However, people with physically demanding jobs should wait at least a week to resume their normal activities.

Gastric band surgery in Turkey is cheaper compared to the UK. Since Turkish surgeons are more experienced and have lower labour costs, their fees are lower. Turkey also has a more affordable healthcare package and patients can stay in budget-friendly hotels during their treatment. Thousands of people travel to Turkey to get their gastric band surgery.

The price of gastric band surgery in Turkey is about 70% lower than in the UK. This is due to government subsidies in the medical field. Furthermore, Turkey offers a complete range of health care packages to its citizens. A gastric band in Turkey can cost as little as 4.470€, compared to the average price of 8.000€ in the UK.

Gastric Band Prices Turkey – All Inclusive Package

Gastric Band Prices Turkey is 70 percent cheaper than in the UK. This is due to lower labour costs and government subsidies in the medical field. Turkey offers a wide range of health care packages. The price of a gastric band in Turkey can be as low as 4.470€, while the average price in the UK is about 8.000€.

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The Gastric Band Turkey is a band placed on the upper part of the stomach. The goal is to reduce the amount the patient eats.

The Gastric Band Turkey restricts the space in the upper part of the stomach. In this way, the patient feels more full with less food.

Turkey is very successful in Gastric Band surgeries. But, there is a possibility of complications after surgery.

Although the operations performed in Turkey are safe, there is a risk of complications in every operation.

Gastric Band Prices Turkey start from 4990€

You will be healed within 4-6 weeks after the surgery. You can then continue your diet as normal.

Nicci H.
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I've had weight issues for a long time. A good friend was aware that I was looking into bariatric surgery. She had suggested that I look at possibilities in Turkey. I started the research and came across Aesthetic Travel. I couldn't believe how reasonably priced they were. I was convinced that there will be hidden costs somewhere. I am happy to report that the price you see online is truly the price you pay.

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First of all, I want to say that every staff including the driver were super nice and very understanding !!! I got the gastric sleeve surgery and so far it’s been great ! It’s life changing decision ! I would recommend this hospital but keep I mind that you have to the your research before hand, do what’s best for you and your health ! I give this a 100 of 10

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I’m so excited to be writing this review, in fact I’m over excited!!!! I traveled to Antalya to have My Vsg on 3-26-21 I was met at the airport by a driver holding a sign with my name and he refused to let me carry anything, hell he probably would have held my purse if I’d have let him!!!😀 I was taken directly to the hospital check in and shown to my room where I’d spend the next 5 days. I had labs X-rays and endoscopy etc., done on that same day.

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Very nice and professional staff. My operation the gastric Sleeve went very good and after the surgery they took very good care of me. I would recommend anesthetic travel to everyone!! Thank you very much for the good time and help.

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